Preparatory Catechesis

At each World Meeting of Families (WMOF), the host diocese writes a preparatory catechesis. This is a fundamental part of the meeting, and it elaborates on this year’s theme: “Love Is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive.” Ten themes about love, joy, and the nature of the family embody the preparatory catechesis, which is available as a book and as lessons for children of all ages.

The ten themes of the preparatory catechesis are:

Created for Joy – God loves us and wants us to share in His joy.

The Mission of Love – God has a purpose for us, and He calls us to be witnesses.

The Meaning of Human Sexuality – Our bodies have sacramental meaning.

Two Become One – Man and woman are called to love one another according to God’s covenant.

Creating the Future – A family is a domestic church in which parents show their children that God has a plan for them.

All Love Bears Fruit – In every vocation, you are called to give your life to God.

Light in a Dark World – The Church resists the temptations of the world in order to protect the family.

A Home for the Wounded Heart – Christian families are sources of support for those struggling with painful life situations.

Mother, Teacher, Family: The Nature and Role of the Church – Even when her members sin, we still need the spiritual nourishment of the Church.
Choosing Life – Catholic families need courage to accomplish the mission God calls them to embrace.

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